What Belarusians are guided by in their uncomfortable life? Why the overwhelming majority keeps silent about the absence of progress in the sphere of economy and living standards? We shall run the risks of assuming that fear is the most significant factor determining such behavior of the majority of Belarusians. A too big part of public life is under the state, it regulates public relations too rigidly, it thrusts its leading and guiding role too actively. It resulted in a low independence of the majority while solving their life problems, concern about their future and humble expectation of manna from authorities (See Table 1). As we could see, less than one third of the respondents (30.3%) is optimistic about job problems, whereas 45.3% are pessimistic in this respect and have to hold to it.
Table  1. Distribution of answers to the question “Which of the below statements corresponds to your position?”

Supposedly, many “optimists” set hopes upon private business. Although the situation in the private business is rather complex, it continues to develop attracting new supporters. As one could see, over the last three years the number of those who wish their children to do private business has jumped almost 1.5fold.
Tables 2 and 3 are an indirect proof of a certain development of the private business. Almost the entire population actively uses services of private trading outlets (See Table 2). Only 7.5% of the respondents say they never do it. Almost one third of citizens (30.7%) earns living using their own property or means of production (See Table 3).

Table 2. Distribution of answers to the question “Numerous private trading outlets have appeared over the recent years – from large clothing and automobile markets to small kiosks. How often do you use their services?”

Table 3. Distribution of answers to the question “Do you possess immovables or means of production (land plot, vehicle, tractor, trading equipment, other machinery) which you use to earn money?”

Not surprisingly, two thirds of the respondents (67.4%) consider reasonable the protest of small entrepreneurs against attempts to limit their activity, which resulted in a large nationwide strike. Only 11.9% of the respondents think in the opposite.
Thus, the development of economic relations gradually involves more Belarusians to support private enterprise. That gives some hopes for the future.