E-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation, N 11, 2002 (only Russian)



Theme of the month:
Authorities and business: from opposition to partnersheep?

Person of the month
Petr Kravchenko: outstanding personality with no political future?

Document of the month:
Resolution of Constant Council of OSCE: recede or compromise?

Organization of the month:
Belarusian Football Federation: conflict of interests with unclear perspectives?


Dear readers!


The next issue of e-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation is represented to your attention. After active November the first winter month was not so full of important events. In December Belarusians traditionally in good time begun to prepare for New Year holidays, making reserved of all the necessary stuff. In that time authorities unexpectedly paid attention on those who never enjoyed their good attitude but who more often and most fully helps ordinary citizens to satisfy their daily needs – to businessmen. So position and prospects of the Belarusian business has become, in our opinion, the “Theme of the month”. What are the reasons of attention to business of some part of authorities? Do they really concern of its problems, and whether authority are actually ready to soften conditions for business? These questions are answered by experts: vice-president of the Belarusian Union of Businessmen M. Shavelson and the chairman of Council of Republic Commission on economy, budget and finance T. Bykova.
In December Petr Kravchenko attracted the attention more than other actors of Belarusian policy and become the “Person of month”. The range of events happened to him after leaving the office of Ambassador of Belarus in Japan, are at least difficult to explain. Whether Kravchenko really wanted to become the political emigrant or he deliberately kicked up a row to remind of himself before homecoming? Whether he is ready to become the opposition leader after returning home or is he further going to serve present authority? What does stand behind his claims to participate in next presidential elections? Why, having come back home, he does not show any activity and has not promulgated three promised sensations? Read about these issues in the comments of BSDG’ leader S. Shushkevicha, who know Kravchenko well as a Minister for Foreign Affairs and the deputy of a Supreme Soviet of 13 convocations, the editor-in-chief of a weekly journal “7 days” V. Chikin who at worked with Kravchenko in Minsk City Committee of CPB in late 80-s’.
The conflict of OSCE and Belarusian authorities concerning the Advisory and Monitoring group OSCE was at last resolved in the last day of the past year. OSCE Constant Council by the decision of all countries-members of OSCE has closed AMG and open Office of OSCE which starts work in January, 1. Moreover Constant Council and Belarus signed the memorandum of the mutual understanding, regulating technical questions of OSCE office activity. How will the decision and the memorandum – our “Document of the month” – effect the situation in Belarus? Whether the office will cope with its function or will it be compelled to coordinate its work with authorities? The official point of view concerning the topic is stated by the deputy chairman of Ministries of Foreign Affairs Information Department A. Savinyh. His opponent is an international coordinator of the public initiative “Charter-97” A. Sannikov.
“Organization of the month” this time is the Belarusian Federation of Football – the institution formally far from politics. However, sports in our country since a certain moment have got political value. And a question of elections of chiefs of any level (already in a sports federations!) is chronically a scandalous problem. Reasons of the conflict in Federation of Football and prospects of its solving are discussed in the comment of “Pressboll” observer B. Tasman.
Besides in this issue we represent the most interesting results of public opinion poll, carried out by IISEPS in December. We hope, offered materials will be interesting and useful for you. We are waiting for your responses, remarks and offers!

IISEPS executive board

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