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Topic of the month:
Draft law “About freedom of confessions and religious organisations”: ordering the relations of state and church or creation of state religion?
BPUM and BUM: united komsomol

Person of the month
Boris Nemtsov: deportation as the answer to right view on Belarus-Russia relations?

Document of the month:
Contract of LDPB and BCDG (NG): consolidation of forces or the end of hopes for wide election coalition?

Organization of the month:
United Civil Party: the main opponent of authorities or the “party in incapable state”?


Dear readers!

As you already might notice, sometimes we are to come back to topics and plots already covered in earlier issues. It is not because of the lack of materials, but because of importance of the mentioned themes and problems. A vivid example is the Law “About freedom of worship and the religious organizations”. In July issue of “Infofocus” we’ve told about the bill, and our experts have analyzed its content. Experts and representatives of some faiths expressed far ambiguous opinion concerning character of the bill and possible consequences of its implementation. Nevertheless, in October this law was approved by the upper chamber of the parliament, Council of Republic, and then signed by the president. The acceptance of the law became our “Theme of the month” because its norms concern millions of believers. Reaction of different faiths is well-known – orthodox entirely support the law. Representatives of three other faiths named in the law as traditional approve it with some clauses. Representatives of other faiths, who started their activity in Belarus last years, and, first of all, Protestants, criticize the law. Comments of International Institute of Political Studies’ expert S. Naumova and the chairman of Council of Ministers’ Committee on religions and nationalities S. Buko express their attitude to the law, the reasons of its acceptance and speak about its possible consequences.
In October a foreigner for the second time became the “Person of the month”. This time – the leader of the Russian Union of Right Forces B. Nemtsov who was deported from Belarus, so didn’t participate in international conference devoted to problems of Belarus-Russia integration. How to explain Nemtsov’s activity on Belarusian direction? Why Belarusian authorities reacted in such unexpected manner on his visit and how will deportation of URF’ leader result on integration process and mutual relations in a whole? Our experts discuss these issues – one of organizers of the conference Nermtsov tried to visit, the director of Analytical Centre “Strategy” L. Zaiko and the deputy of the House of Representatives A. Losev.
“Organization of the month”, in our opinion, is the United Civil Party. In October liberals besides traditional contacts with the Western countries actively showed themselves in contacts with Russia. Authorities treat such contacts rather intently – the deportation of URF’ leader Russian partner of UCP – proved it. Some opposition parties also treated it with critiques. Besides two heads of UCP’ regional organizations accused the party leaders in “making the party incapacitated” and “dangerous games in the liberal integration” and have left the party in October. In response the chairman of UCP A. Lebed’ko rejected the claims and said its the result of Belarusian secret services’ activity. Senior lecturer of Belarusian state university faculty of political studies V. Rovdo comments the reasons of UCP activity on the Russian direction and possible reaction of authorities and opposition.
The section “Document of the month” represents the contract of interparty cooperation of BSDP (PG) and LDPB. This document has the aim to coordinate the efforts during preparation and elections to local Councils and it actually marks the beginning of opposition parties’ election campaign. Why the contract was signed by these parties, whether others will join it, is the wide pre-election coalition of democratic forces possible – the Minsk Scientific Research Institute of social, economic and political problems’ Deputy Director A. Rubanov comments the issues.
We hope, offered materials will be interesting and useful for you. We are waiting for your responses, remarks and offers!

IISEPS executive board

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