E-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation, N 7, 2002 (only Russian)



Theme of the month:
Belarus-Russia Union: the end of integration or hypocrisy?

Person of the month
Anatoly Tozik: real superviser?

Document of the month:
“Svobodnye Novosty” are closed: the technology of fighting against independent press

Organization of the month:
Belarusiam social democrats: consolidation or separation?


Dear readers!


The main theme of the past month was certainly the relations of Russia and Belarus. Some analysts predicted that during A. Lukashenko’s visit to Moscow there will be a formal reconciliation of leaders of two countries, and pause in mutual relations arisen after well-known Putin’s statement “to separate flies from cutlets” will be overcame. However instead of common assurances about desire to build United state of Belarus and Russia, Russian president has offered two possible variants of relations: transparent, clear and with time schedule plan of integration by referendum or union based on the pattern of European union. What are the reasons of Putin’s demarche, what does he actually mean to say and how will relations of Russia and Belarus develop? Section “Theme of month” and comments of Russian politologist A. Piontkowsky and Belarusian sociologist D. Rotman are about these issues.
In August the “Person of the month”, in our opinion, is the Head of Committee of State Control A. Tozik. His claim for protection of honour and reputation was satisfied by court. When the defendant, independent newspaper “Nasha Svaboda”, appeared to be not capable to pay the penalty of more than $50 thousand, it had to finish its existence. The other interesting moment: today’s Belarusian Khlestakov used Tosik’s name to fool frighten and trustful officials. Making comments on Tosik promotion, some experts consider him as possible A. Lukashenko’s successor and others, on the other hand, predict his fast fall. Tozik’s personal qualities, the reasons of his promotion and political prospects are analyses by politologyst A. Feduta and KGB lieutenant colonel V. Kostko’s.
Section “Organization of the month” this time is not absolutely traditional. Analyzing as usually, one structure – this time it is a new United social-democratic party – we examine the situation in the Belarusian social democratic movement in a whole. What are the reasons for its present shattered condition, what are the prospects of consolidation in social democratic wing? Representatives of the social-democratic parties which are not participating in August splits and associations tried to answer these questions – the leader of the Belarusian party of labor A. Buhvostov and member of executive committee of the Party of national consent I. Pashkevich.
In August not only “Nasha Svaboda” but one more independent newspaper – “Svabodnye Novosty” was closed. S. Atroshchenko saying he is the main founder, suspended publishing of “SN”. In section “Document of month” we offer to your attention S. Atroshchenko’s letter to editor-in-chief A. Uliteonok, which contain rather indicative list of claims. In the meantime, A. Uliteonok who decided to challenge Astroshchenko’s actions in court started to release the new newspaper prepared by the old team of journalists. And Atroshchenko began to issue the newspaper “Observer”. What is behind the conflict and what conclusion can be made – information is in our comment.
We hope, offered materials appear interesting and useful in your work. We are waiting for your responses, remarks and offers.

IISEPS executive board

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