E-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation, N 6, 2002 (only Russian)



Theme of the month:
Parliamentary assembly of OSCE: Belarus’ place is still vacant

Person of the month
Michael Chigir: fair punishment of political revenge?

Document of the month:
New law on warship:defending from sects or a source of religious conflicts?

Organization of the month:
FTUB: mimicry or real face of the trade unions?


Dear readers!


“Fight for crop” and activity of authorities related to this were the main theme of the past month on the pages of many, first of all state, newspapers. However, in our opinion, the theme which worth our attention is session of Parliamentary Assembly of OSCE passed in the beginning of the month. Two Belarusian delegations arrived to Berlin – official one offering to recognize existing parliament, and opposition one with declaration about violation of human rights in Belarus. The question of Belarusian parliament’s place in parliamentary assembly was postponed on autumn, but they accepted rigid enough resolution on Belarus. What will be the consequences of the resolution? What will the relations with OSCE be? Our section “Theme of the month” and director of the International Institute of Political Researches V. Pozdnjak’s comment are about this topic. The point of view of official Minsk is declared in public statements of the vice-speaker of the House of Representatives V. Konoplev.
July, 23 verdict to M.Chigir was made. Political leader is accused of economic crime – concealment of incomes and non-payment of taxes. Not typically rigid verdict on typical accusation make to think that the case is political. So, the “Person of the month” is M. Chigir. Layer of BHC G. Pogonyajlo makes the comment.
The most scandalous event in home policy was the replacement of Belarusian trade unions head. Situation in the organization is still controversial: whether trade unions are completely under administrations control or they preserved right on own opinion? Reasons and consequences of L. Kozik assignment to the post of federation chairman are discussed in the section “Organization of the month” and in comments of the head of the Minsk city trade-union organization N. Belanovsky and former trade-union leader V. Polevikova.
Section “Document of the month” represent the bill “About modification and additions to the Law of Belarus “About freedom of faith and the religious organizations”. Though the bill was accepted by the House of Representatives at the end of last month, discussions concerning its results continue. Representatives of various faiths, heads of the state structures, members of parliament and human rights organization express their opinion. Whether the statement about “the leading role of orthodox church” will result in infringement of other faiths rights? Will the law stimulate interreligious conflicts or a barrier for distribution of harmful cults? The sense of amendments are commented by V. Stremkovskaja, the director of the Center on human rights and A. Kalinov, the chief of department on religion affairs of Council of Ministers Committee on affairs of religion and nationalities.
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IISEPS executive board

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