E-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation, N 4, 2002 (only Russian)



Theme of the month:
Cancelling of death penalty: step towards Europe or political game?

Person of the month
Valery Frolov: general of constructive opposition

Document of the month:
To local elections in columns
Public opinion as a threat to authorities

Organization of the month:
Union of belarusian wrighters: media holding – the way to a conflict?

From IISEPS working table :
Seaching for the lost alternative
Who is more attrective to the poor, who – to the reach?
Fears and sympathy of Belarusians: West and democracy are better then they are described


Dear readers!


We offer to your attention the next issue of the e-bulletin of the IISEPS’ Centre of Documentation. The Belarusian authorities continuing to push AMG OSCE out of the Belarus, in the same time are trying to normalize relations with other influential international organization – the Council of Europe. One of the most important requirements for membership in EC is the cancellation of a death penalty. In May this theme has become in the center of public discussions, and the House of Representatives has conducted special discussion on this theme. What are the reasons for so high attention to this problem? Whether the intentions of authorities to cancel the death penalty is sincere or is it a new attempt to confuse the West and to pay a minimum price for normalization of relations? All about these topics read in the section “Topic of the month” in comments of G. Vasilevich and A. Lebedko.
In previous issue we’ve paid attention to unexpected activity of some deputies, who rejected three drafts laws and have created deputy group “Republica”. In May deputies have sent to complete the amendment to important law regulating of mass people’s actions and have carried out discussion on a problem of a cancellation of a death penalty. Again with participation of group Republic led by V. Frolov, who has become our “Pearson of the month”. What are the reasons for new names to occur on a political stage of the country and what are the prospects for their cooperation with “old democratic opposition” – answers are in comments of T. Prot’ko and Yu. Sivakov.
Creation of the state media-holding uniting 5 “big” magazines and the newspaper “Litaratura i mastactva” has already led to shifts of editors-in-chef, staff reduction and worsening of relations between the writers who criticize or support authorities. Conversations about fast split in the literary organization are becoming more and more sound. SPB chairman O. Ipatova and known essayist V. Akudovich express their opinion about the situation in SPB, reasons for creation of media-holding and possible development of situation in comments to the section “Opranisation of the month”.
The section “Document of the month” includes the documents devoted to local elections: Memorandum of КRDF and the Agreement of Confederation “For social changes”. Preparation for elections has shown that there is no unity among democrats, they can’t agree on coordination of their elections’ strategies. Comments of BSDP (PG) chairman N.Statkevich and BPF “Revivale”‘ vice-president V. Ivashkevich are about the reasons and influence of the Memorandum and the Agreement.
Attempts of authorities to put independent social researches, and finally public opinion they are reflecting under control continue: at the end of May Counsil of Ministers has accepted decision N 707 to which our comment is devoted.
Besides in section “From IISEPS working table” we continue to publish the most interesting and important results of the poll carried out by our institute in April.
We are waiting for your responses, remarks and offers.

IISEPS executive board

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