E-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation, N 3, 2002 (only Russian)



Theme of the month:
The press under the pressure
Michael Rivoller has left – the problems has sharpened?

Persone of the month
Milosh Zeman: social democrat in a museum of socialism

Document of the month:
Independent sociology: threat of control is preserved
Financing of NGO: “ours” and “strangers”

Organization of the month:
New deputy group in the Chamber of Representatives

From IISEPS working table:
Fall down
AMG OSCE: mission impossible?
Local elections – interest with no illusions
Integration can tranceform from sluggish to irreciprocal
Threat of poverty and not regular payment of salaries do not make Belarusians go to barricades


Dear readers!


The next issue of the e-bulletin of IISEPS Centre for Documentation is offered to your attention. Last years the April is becoming a peak of so-called “hot spring”. However this time the street actions of opposition (“Chernobyl shliah” has collected only 3 thousand of participants) has not became the main event of the month. The long lasting conflict between Belarusian authorities and Advisory and Monitoring Group has reached its new phase – the chef of OSCE group in Belarus French diplomat M. Rivoller was forced to depart from the country. The reasons of this aggravation, and also possible scripts of the further development of situation are analyzes by A. Potupa in section “Theme of the month”.
Meanwhile the Western countries which are to react on demarches of present authority try to establish a dialogue with Belarus. Latest visit of high level politician of who has visited our country with such a purpose is Czech prime minister M.Zeman who become our “Person of the month”. Comment of V. Nistuk is about the course and results of his visit.
Events in the media-market also appear in the center of public attention in April – authorities, on the one hand, have strengthened pressure on independent press, and on the other hand, undertook some steps to increase efficiency of state agitation. M. Pastuhov’s comment concerns this situation and prospects of development of domestic mass media in the whole.
In April spring session of the House of Representatives of National assembly starts according to constitution. This year its specifying feature is unusual activity of some deputies. What are the reasons for deputies to reject at once three draft laws, what is the goal for creation of deputy group “Republic”, and that is it going to undertake – deputy V. Frolov comments these issues for the section “Organization of the month”.
The section “Document of the month “is represented at once by two statutory acts, one acting and one in project. The first – the letter of the Chief of presidential Administration – is a bright illustration of a policy of authorities relating to civil society. The estimation of this policy and its consequences is done by the deputy of the Chamber of Representatives I. Pashkevich. The second document – a draft law “About additions and changes in Elections code of laws of the Republic of Belarus”, clears up plans of authorities concerning independent sociology. The comments are made by professor D. Rotman.
Besides as we’ve promised, in this issue of the bulletin we introduce the new section – “From IISEPS’ working table” – representing the most interesting and important results of the poll conducted by our institute in April. The main result is, that in a half a year after presidential elections A. Lukashenko’s rating “has fallen off” to the lowest level for all time of his presidency.

IISEPS executive board

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