E-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation, N 2, 2002 (only Russian)



Theme of the month:
Belarus-Russia relations: cheap gas insted of “belarusian model”?

Person of the month:
Andrey Klimov returnes to politics

Document of the month:
Friendship with Iraq has been documentated?

Organization of the month:
Belarusian Trade unions on a crossroads?

IISEPS chronicle:
IISEPS Center for Documentation “Institutions of Civil society”


Dear readers!


First of all, we want to thank you for your responses and the remarks you’ve send us after editing of the first issue of “Infofocus”. We shall be grateful for all offers and critical remarks which we’ll try to take into account in the future work.
We offer you the second issue of the e-bulletin of the IISEPS’ Center for documentation. After almost half a year of calm the political life of the country is becoming more intensive. Relations of Belarus and Russia received a new impulse: it seems, president A. Lukashenko seeking to get energy resources in in-Russian prices is ready to go away from “the Belarusian economic model”. About present relations of Moscow and Minsk you can read in materials of the section “Theme of the month” and in comments of politologist V. Karbalevich.
In March the most important event of foreign policy, in our opinion, was the visit of vice-prime minister of Iraq Hikmata al Azzausy, who was accepted in Belarus at the highest level. So “Document of the month” is the bilateral report on development of trade and economic relations signed as the result of the visit. It is represented by the press-secretary of Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Belarus P. Latushko, Former deputy minister of foreign affairs A. Sannikov analysis what this document mean, and what possible consequences of its implementation are.
In March there were also some worthy events in home policy of the country. The deputy of 13 Supreme Soviet and known businessman A. Klimov being, in our opinion, the “Person of the month” has been set free. The attention of independent press to his person testifies that the Belarusian society today as never requires new leaders and new ideas.
After September, 9 the results of elections were analyzed for a half of the year. However, as it was proved by “spring approach” of opposition – small and shattered – the opposition has decided to return to the old methods of struggle, habitual but inefficient.
Changes occurred in Belarusian trade unions. The new order of collection of payments has not simply make their financial position complicated, but also limits their influence. Besides in a number of the enterprises the authority initiate creation of parallel trade-union organizations. New chefs of FTUB faced a difficult problem – how to provide financial independence, to keep its members and influence on the one hand and to express wish for dialogue with authorities, but not to lose their reputation on the other. Judging by the preparation of national protest action of trade unions – this problem is far from solution. The comment to the section “Organization of the month” is about this.

IISEPS executive board

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