E-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation, N 1, 2002 (only Russian)



Topic of the month:
Liberalisation in Belarusian
Pressure on independent sociology

Person of the month:
General Sheyman – simbol of changes in policy?

Document of the month:
Constitutional Act of United State of Belarus and Russia: law or politics?

Organization of the month:
AMG OSCE: mission impossible?

IISEPS chronicle:
Ten years of freedom
Time to form public opinion and politics!
IISEPS Center for Documentation “Institutions of Civil society”


Dear readers!


Having celebrated its 10th anniversary Independent Institute of Social, Economic and Political Studies starts some new research, publishing and educational projects. The first issue of the monthly e-bulletin “INFOFOCUS” of IISEPS’ Center for Documentation is represented to your attention. In contrast to the quarterly analytical bulletin “IISEPS News” which is issued since 1996 and distributed at a national level, the new project has a strong regional orientation – it will be disseminated mainly in the regional not state mass media, NGOs, youth and human rights organizations.
Many of them, unlike the structures located in the capital, for the different reasons have no constant access to the information on the major political, social and economic processes occurring in the country. So we’ll try to fill this gap, directing you the digest of press articles and materials of the Center for Documentation (its archive includes over 50.000 units of storage) with brief comments on the most significant events and tendencies. It may help to predict their future development.
Besides the bulletin will contain information about the research results, IISEPS’ editions and conferences and also the various analytical materials prepared by employees of the institute. We’ll be grateful for any questions, offers and remarks which will be taken into account in preparation of the next issues of the bulletin and in institute’s activity.

IISEPS executive board

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