E-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation, N 12, 2003 (only Russian)



Theme of the month:
Alexander Lukashenko criticize KGB: who is guilty that belarusian secret service doesn’t meet the requarements or time?

Person of the month:
Alexander Buhvostov dismissal: “attempt to save the trade unions” or “reprisal according to president’s scenety”?

Document of the month:
Memorandum 5+: the step to consolidation of democratic forces or the next declaration of intentions?

Organization of the month:
Human rights Aliens of Belarus: “instrument of political struggle” or “human rights organization with common goals”?


Dear readers!


The next issue of e-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation is represented to your attention. The political elite of the country spent the most part of month in discussion on the results of the Russian parliamentary elections and in disputes on consequences which they may entail for our country. Meanwhile the head of the state sharply criticized activity of KGB – by legislation the leading state secret service. As A. Lukashenko said he “does not receive any objective and duly information from KGB”. Work of state security bodies, in president opinion, testifies “dissociation of their efforts on protection of constitutional order, preserving security in economic and informational sphere”. A. Lukashenko also has accused KGB of unwillingness to react to so-called import of democracy. What is the reason of such estimation of KGB work made by the president? Is this criticism fair? How do Belarusian secret services meet modern criteria for similar organization in democratic countries? What will be the consequences of public demarche of the president? Will authorities make their mind to reform KGB? Read about it in IISEPS comment.
“Person of the month”, in our opinion, in December is a former leader of trade union of ASM workers A. Buhvostov who has been taken off from his post at Extraordinary Congress and at once started to create the new trade union. Why authorities want to displace A. Buhvostov from his post? Did they managed by this resignation to put one of the largest trade unions of the country under control? What is A. Buhvostov further political prospects? The chairman of trade union of workers of the radio-electronic industry G. Fedynich discusses it in his comment.
This time we recognize the Memorandum accepted in Vilnius on results of “round table” by members of the National coalition “5+” as the “Document of the month”. It in particular declare the creation of common platform for parliamentary elections, support of the uniform list of candidates for elections and conducting coordinated strategy of election campaign. Meanwhile, representatives of other democratic “column”, the European coalition “Free Belarus”, who participated in “round table”, criticized Vilnius memorandum. What is the meaning of accepted document, especially if it was sighed in the capital of neighboring country? Is it a step to consolidation of democratic forces on the eve of parliamentary elections or, on the contrary, will it strengthen contradictions? Politologist S. Naumova discusses the topic.
In this issue “Organization of the month” is represented by Human rights Alliance of Belarus (PUB). Its goal is “to sow new grains of freedom in Belarusian society”, as it is told in circulation of the PUB head L. Grjaznova. Will PUB managed to achieve the declared purposes? How will the intention to be registered in Lithuania, instead of in Belarus influence its work? Why have PUB founders, known and experienced persons, made their mined to create a new organization but not to join existing ones? What are present condition of Belarusian human rights organizations? These questions are answered by chairman of Belarusian Helsinki Comity T. Prot’ko and journalist P. Akulov.
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IISEPS executive board

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