E-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation, N 8, 2003 (only Russian)



Theme of the month:
Press conference of A. Lukashenko: new attempt to get to Russian politics?

Person of the month
G. Novitsky insted of A. Vojtovich: Belarusian version of crisis management?

Document of the month:
Agreement on coordination: real union or political game?

Organization of the month:
The third sector: fighting with those who goes not like others?


Dear readers!


The next issue of e-bulletin of IISEPS Centre of documentation is represented to your attention. The main “Theme of the month” in August was, undoubtedly, the president meeting with journalists of the Russian regional mass media, mainly from so-called “red zone”. What are the purposes of this not cheap action paid by Belarusian taxpayers? During all the press conference the president rigidly criticize V. Putin’s policy and situation in Russia in general and propagandiz his own political course. At last, how will this event affect further development of Belarus-Russia relations? These questions are answered by politologist V. Karbalevich and the political analyst of the newspaper “Belarus today” L. Rakovskaya.
In August the shifts in the supreme authorities continued. G. Novitsky is appointed the chairman of the Council of Republic instead of A. Vojtovich. That’s the reason why there are two “Persons of the month” – Novitsky and Vojtovich. The official reason of Vojtovich’s resignation is his age limited for state officials (65 years). However it is well known, that in the same Council of Republic there are also other senators appointed by the president who are older than 65 but continue to do their duties. Does the official version of personnel castling corresponds to reality? How election of the new speaker will affect mood of the nomenclature and work of Council of Republic? Read all about it in the comments of the head of Council of Republic Commission on international policy and national safety N. Cherginets and the deputy of the House of Representatives O. Abramova.
The less time left till parliamentary elections the more active are political parties discussing possible scripts of participation in elections, configuration of election coalitions etc. Last month such conversations at last were reflected in concrete signed documents. The agreement on coordination of actions of five opposition parties (UCP, BPF, BCDG, BPL and PCB) and groups “Republic” as well as the preliminary list of candidates on parliamentary elections (this time already without “Republic”) are our “Documents of the month”. After all can we speak about consolidation of democratic forces before parliamentary elections? Why in the preliminary list there were no representatives of “Republic”? Politologist V. Podgol and the political analyst of First national TV channel Y. Prokopov express their opinions.
The section “Organization of the month” this time is represented at once by three structures of “third sector” which experienced enhanced attention of authorities – Belarusian Helsinki Committee has received the warning of Ministry of Justice, “Legal Support to Population” are to be liquidated because of the claim of Minsk city executive comity Department of Justice, and the Grodno regional association “Town hall” is already liquidated by the decision of a court. What are the reason of such brutal position of authorities concerning the non governmental organizations? Do claims which caused the close of organizations follow the law? This situation is analyzed by chairman of Belarusian Helsinky Comity T. Prot’ko and the vice-chairman of House of Representatives Commission on health protection, physical training and youth affairs N. Dubovik.
Some materials based on results of national poll carried out by IISEPS are also included to the issue. We hope, offered materials will be interesting and useful for you. We are waiting for your responses, remarks and offers!

IISEPS executive board

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