E-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation, N 6, 2003 (only Russian)



Theme of the month:
Introduction of Russian ruble will be put off – does the price of independence grow?

Person of the month
A. Lukashenko: fighting for independence or for the third term?

Document of the month:
Agreement between the Republic of Belarus and Belarusian Orthodox Church: step to state religion or civilized relations?

Organization of the month:
National State Humanitarian Lyceum of V. Kolas: improvement of teaching process or punishment for independent view?

From IISEPS’ Working Table:
Opinion leaders want another president
Public opinion leaders: who are they?
Political regime – major hurdle for an independent research
Can one trust the sociologists?
Where do belarusian voters disappear. Peculiarities of national statistics


Dear readers!


The next issue of e-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation is represented to your attention. The first summer month appeared unusually sated with political activity. “Theme of the month”, in our opinion, are events concerning introduction of Russian ruble in Belarus. In the beginning of June after heads of the Russian Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance visited Minsk were was the information that preparation of the agreement on introduction of Russian ruble on the territory of Belarus since January 1, 2005 has been completed. Nevertheless, process was suspended by president A. Lukashenko. What is the reason of so sharp demarche of the Belarusian authorities? Whether prepared agreement really represents a threat to Belarusian sovereignty? How will currency and financial integration of Russia and Belarus develop? All about it is in the comment of the chairman of IISEPS Supervisory Council, doctor of economic sciences S. Bogdankevich.
We should note that the last month the president was so active that there was no such activity since last year’s scandal with “Gazprom”. So A. Lukashenko is also the “Person of the month”. What are the reasons of hyperactivity of the president? How will Moscow react on his rigid statement? How will it effect project “the third term” and what is the Kremlin’ view on this project? These questions are answered by the president of Foundation “Politic”, Russian politologist V. Nikonov.
Earlier we’ve already discussed the issue of authorities attitude to various religious faiths, and also to their legislative regulation. So the agreement between the government and Belarusian Ekzarkhat of Russian orthodox church as the “Document of the month” is not occasional. Whether the signed document restrain the right of other faiths’ believers? What are the consequences of its implementation? Are the accusations saying the orthodoxy is getting in Belarus status of the state religion fair? Vice-president of House of Representatives Commission on human rights, national relations and mass media I. Pashkevich and the adviser of United Nations united program against AIDS A. Ilnitsky express their points of view.
In June we observed the conflict concerning National State Humanitarian Lyceum of V. Kolas – our “Organization of the month”. Why authorities ignoring all the protests are so persistent in liquidation of the lyceum? How can we estimate it? What will happen to pupils and teachers of the lyceum? Deputy director of lyceum V. Kolas and the principal of the House of Representatives Constant Commission on education, science, culture and scientific and technical progress I. Kotlyarov express their opinion.
We finish the issue with the most interesting results of the experts and opinion leaders poll recently carried out by IISEPS. We hope, offered materials will be interesting and useful for you. We are waiting for your responses, remarks and offers!

IISEPS executive board

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