E-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation, N 5, 2003 (only Russian)



Theme of the month:
Authorities’ pressure on group “Republic”: the time of warnings has passed?
Failure of investment competicions: “family treasures” is too expencive?

Person of the month
Real politic in Belarusian context

Document of the month:
Government order “About some measures to order the naming of posts”: political bad taste or “implementation of normative standards”?

Organization of the month:
Suspension of release of “BDG”: “non legal punishment” or results of working proces?

From IISEPS working table :
Parties and Electorate: in Search of Reciprocity
Most Belarusians are dissatisfied with the process of democratization and human rights observance
Entrepreneurs and political process
Enterprise’s electorate
Farewell the” First Channel”


Dear readers!


The next issue of e-bulletin of IISEPS Centre for Documentation is represented to your attention. As we expected the activity of deputy group “Republic” has not remained unnoticed by the authorities. Pressure of authorities on “Republic” has became our “Theme of the month “. What are the reasons for the pressure? Whether it is a “way to teach” or a new long-term campaign to “clean” political field? How will it influence the activity of “Republic” and its leaders? The coordinator of the civil initiative “Charter – 97” D.Bondarenko and the deputy of the House of Representatives V.Novosjad discuss the issues.
In the section “Theme of the month” one more important event is reflected. Failure of investment competition on sale of state share of four giants of belarusian petrochemistry “Naftan”, “Polymir”, “Grodno Azot” and “Grodno Himvolockno ” is not an ordinary event. Why there was no interest from investors to “family silver” of Belarusian economy? What are the prospects of privatization of huge industrial enterprises? Expert of Analytical Center “Strategy” J. Romanchuk’s and deputy of the House of Representatives, the head of group “Assistance to economic development” K. Holopik comment this event.
The “Person of the month” in May, in our opinion, was the head of PA OSCE working group on Belarus Mrs. Uta Capf. Her recent visit to Belarus rose the discussion about activity of the group, and also its role in relation of Europe and Belarus. What are the first results of her work? That can be expected from group and other European institutes? Comments of the head of Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Belarus information department A. Savinyh and the chairman of party BPF V.Vecherko are devoted to this theme.
Suspension of release of “Belorusskaya delovaya gazeta” and “BDG DSP” for three month is a logical continuation of campaign of pressure on not state mass media. In May the procedure of the making warnings by Ministry of the information to independent press has almost become the conveyor. “BDG” administration – our “Organizations of the month ” – named all happened a “non legal punishment ” and has declared they would try to achieve cancellations of the order in court. What are the real reasons of it? What has forced Ministry of information to go on such extreme measures? How will relations of authorities and independent press develop? These questions are answered by vice-president of BAJ A. Bastunets. Unfortunately, despite all reasonable efforts, we haven’t received comment of Ministry of the information. We should note, that it is becoming more and more difficult to get the official comment. Top officials refuse to communicate with independent press and the research centers without explanation of any reasons. Vice Minister Mrs. Ananich told us to use information from web site of the ministry. So we represent it to you attention.
We also faced with refusals of officials while gathering materials for the section “Document of the month”. It represent the decision of Council of Ministers “About some measures to order names of posts of heads of the organizations and abbreviated names of officials”. What has forced Council of Ministers to accept such a decision? How does it corresponds to international order? What will be its consequences? The point of view is stated by the president of the Belarusian union of businessmen A. Potupa. As the press-secretary of the president Mrs. Petkevich has also refused to talk to us, we would like to present her interview to informational agency BelaPAN.
The most interesting results of the national poll recently carried out by IISEPS are included to the issue. We hope, offered materials will be interesting and useful for you. We are waiting for your responses, remarks and offers!

IISEPS executive board

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