E-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation, N 3, 2003 (only Russian)



Theme of the month:
Lessons of elections and street actions: what strategy is more effective?

Persone of the month
S. Martynov: would the new head of MFA strenghten the “western sector”?

Document of the month:
A. Lukashenko’s report: does Belarus need state ideology and new “ideological specialists”?

Organization of the month:
“Perspective”: why small business unites?


Dear readers!


The next issue of e-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation is represented to your attention. One of the burning questions with no obvious answer is what can be the optimum strategy for democratic forces and what scenery of actions will led to changes in the country rapidly and most effectively. It seems to someone, that the best way to replace authority is the way traditional for the democratic countries – a way of participation in election campaigns. There is also other opinion, saying there is no conditions for citizens to express their democratic will and reminding of negative experience of the last election campaigns. They support active use of street democracy, mass protest actions. So our “Theme of the month” is the estimation of actions of both strategies. What have elections and protest action shown? Who have finally achieved the greatest results? What script is more effective to achieve changes? Read all about it in the comment of PhD., Chairman of the faculty of sociopolitical sciences of EHU S. Naumova.
At the end of March a long time expected shifts in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took place. A new minister S. Martynov – who is our “Person of the month” – faces defined tasks put by the president – “to strengthen the western vector”. What are the consequences of change in foreign affairs department? Will new minister cope with the tasks? Will he be independent? Would he manage to effluence on relation between Belarus and Western countries. Answers to these questions are in comments of the former Plenipotentiary ambassador, the president of the Belarusian association “Business initiative” M. Marinich and director of the BSU Centre of international researches V. Ulahovich.
“Document of the month” in March, in our opinion, is A. Lukashenko’s report at a seminar of republican and local state executives, concerning ideological work improvement. Why does the president pay attention to ideology again? What will the Belarusian state ideology and system of ideological work be? How will new “ideological specialists” influence high school institutions and destiny of professors, whose views do not coincide with official? Publicist S. Dubovets and the chairman of Council of Republic commission on the international affairs and national safety N. Cherginets discuss the topic.
Many observers have paid attention to the fact, that for the first time a significant part of participants of protest action, – national march – are not members of opposition parties, students and representatives of intelligence who traditionally participate in such actions but private businessmen, so-called “shuttles”. It is not a secret, that it is due to activity of RPO “Perspective” recently registered by the Ministry of Justice – the “Organization of the month”. What is the reason of creation of “Perspective”? Why the new organization right after the registration use rather radical measures to defend its interests? What are “Perspective” prospects and what will its attitudes with already existing organizations of businessmen be? The opinion concerning this theme is expressed by the president of the Belarusian Union of Businessmen and Employers of M. Kuniavsky G. Badey and the chairman of the Council of Republic Commission on economy, budget and finance T. Bykova.
We hope, offered materials will be interesting and useful for you. We are waiting for your responses, remarks and offers!

IISEPS executive board


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