E-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation, N 1, 2003 (only Russian)



Theme of the month:
Economic results of integration: the worst is ahead

Person of the month:
Yury Sivakov: “sovereign’s servant” in sports affairs?

Document of the month:
Presidential decree about state support of BRUY: a help for youth or preparation of a staff?

Organization of the month:
BPF – no compromises is the reason of a crisis?

Fron IISEPS’ wokring table:
A. Lukashenko’s third term: support grow, chances do not
“Hesitate with the party’s cource”…
Belarusians and private business
Policy of reduction of Russian informational influence has its first results
Belarusians’ opinion about economic situation in the country


Dear readers!


The next issue of e-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation is represented to your attention. Like in previous year the Russian – Belarusian relations attract the attention of public. Economy was the main topic on the negotiation of presidents of Russia and Belarus taking place in Minsk. Therefore the economic results of integration both already achieved and expected has become our “Theme of the month”. What are these results at present? What is the possibility for implementation of named arrangements? How will it influence the Belarusian economy and its citizens? The chairman of IISEPS’ Advisory Board S. Bogdankevich analyzes the situation in his comments.
Complaints of the lack of new persons in Belarusian politics are rather frequent. The explanation of this fact made by people – in present circumstances politics as a sphere of activity is unattractive for those who want to achieve success. Anyway, authority and opposition both feel the lack of personnel and try to fulfill it in their own manner. It is becoming usual for authorities to return to top posts those people who not just “dropped out of a holder”, but seemed to be thrown away. A vivid example is the assignment of Yu. Syvakov – our “Person of the month” – as the minister of sports and tourism. What are the reasons of rises and falls of the new minister? Whether he be, on his own expression, “sovereign’s servant” or under certain circumstances will be an independent political actor? These questions are answered by our experts – the assistant to the editor-in-chief of “Belaruskaya Delovaya Gazeta” I. Halip and the deputy of the House of Representatives V. Frolov.
As you might noticed development of youth movement in the country is constantly under our intent attention. And not only because the youth is the future – doesn’t matter how banal it sounds. President named youth organization his main supporters. As you can see it was not just words. In January the leader of the state signed the decree about the state support of BRUY, – we consider it is the “Document of the month”. What is the reason of such authorities’ care of just created youth union? How fair is to support just one of dozens existing youth organizations? Would BRUY use finances of taxpayers effectively? Deputy of the House of Representatives ex chairman of BPUY V. Janchevsky and the coordinator of unregistered youth movement “Zubr” A. Shidlovsky express their opinions.
“Organization of the month”, in our opinion, is Party BPF “Revival”. What is the state of the oldest opposition party of the country? What is the reason of last shifts of some leaders? What are BPF prospects? The answers to the questions you can read in comment of politologist V. Karbalevich and the deputy director of the Minsk Scientific Research Institute of Social and Economic and Political Problems A. Rubanov.
Besides in this issue we represent the most interesting results of public opinion poll, carried out by IISEPS in December. We hope, offered materials will be interesting and useful for you. We are waiting for your responses, remarks and offers!

IISEPS executive board

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