E-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation, N 10, 2004 (only Russian)



Theme of the month:
Referendum: “result of authorities and technologies” or “will of majority”?

Person of the month
Lidiya Ermoshina: “highly qualified professional” or “typical representative of nomenclature”?

Document of the month:
Project of Decree increasing salaries for state officials: “planned decision” or “award for loyalty”?

Organization of the month:
Gallup Institution: organization “helping people to be heard”


Dear readers!


Next issue of “Infofocus” is represented to your attention. Certainly the main event of October and so our “Theme of the month” is the implementation of referendum on changes of the Constitution, its results and consequences. How to treat the promulgated results? What actually was the referendum – demonstration of people’s will or a celebration of an administrative resource? How will events in Belarus develop – would it be the tightening of a political rate or liberalization? How long will A. Lukashenko remain in office? These questions are answered by the head of initiative “For Free Elections”, academician A. Voytovich and Chairman of LDPB, the newly elected deputy of the House of Representatives S. Gaydukevich.
“Person of the month” is in our view the Chairwomen of Central Election Commission L. Ermoshina. Not only because in October she participated probably in the greatest in the country number of interview and press conferences. We consider Ermoshina is a symbol, a sign figure of the system of nomenclature created by the present president who took them from nowhere to high state positions. How Ermoshina has coped with the official duties at elections and a referendum? Why does saying in E. Shvarts words she always try to be “the first pupil”? What is the further destiny of nomenclature? The opinion on this topics is shared by secretary of CEC N. Lozovik and vice-Chairman of UCP S. Alfer.
Before October, 17 president A. Lukashenko has promised to raise the salaries of state employees. And already after elections the head of the state has declared the plans of 20% increase of salaries for state officials. We have chosen the project of these decree as the “Document of the month”. What are the merits of officials worth the increase of their salaries? Why the increase of officials salaries was declared right now and can we consider it is the payment to executive “vertical” for making elections and referendum result as it was needed by the president? Read about it in comments of A. Sasnow, deputy director of IISEPS, ex-Minister of Labour and comments of V. Lektorov, Chairman of House of Representatives commission on health protection, physical training, affairs of family and youth.
The section “Organization of the month” this time represents Gallup Institution. It’s Baltic representatives have been conducting public opinion poll during several months before elections and referendum and also while early voting as well as in the day of voting. This research shows results of elections and referendum completely different from official. Gallup Institution is an organization with faultless reputation among sociologists so its data should by treated with the maximal gravity. Why did Gallup Institution start its work in Belarus? Was its project successful and what is the value of its results? Whether sociology can affect the situation in the country, can it be the factor of democratization? The Director of Baltic representatives of Gallup Institution R. Alisauskene analysis these questions. It’s a pity but we didn’t manage to receive the comments from official experts.

IISEPS executive board

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