E-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation, N 9, 2004 (only Russian)



Theme of the month:
Referendum on changes of the Constitution: “continuing the present course” or “concern for personal future”?

Person of the month
А. Lukashenko: “a person motivated for power” or “the most worthy candidate”?

Document of the month:
Declaration of EU: “duly and effective step” or “political speculation”?

Organization of the month:
Belarusian television: “primitive propaganda serving for certain persons and interests”?


Dear readers!


The next issue of “Infofofcus” is offered to your attention. From our point of view, the main event of September and so our section “Theme of the month” is president’s announcement of a referendum on changes of the Constitution. Why Lukashenko has decided to combine the referendum with parliamentary elections? How the offered change of the Constitution do correspond to principles of democracy? How the implementation of referendum will affect the results of parliamentary elections? What will be the reaction of West and Russia? These questions are answered by Russian politologist, the deputy director of Institute of the countries of CIS V. Zharihin and the head of analytical department of Academy of management, the PhD V.Suryaev.
In this context, of cource, the “Person of the month” is A. Lukashenko. Whether it will be possible for Lukashenko to win referendum and whether it means he will participate in elections in two years? How long A. Lukashenko will remain in power because changes of the Constitution opens him direct road to life presidency? In what conditions the head of the state may retire on “political pension”? Opinion on this account express the head of Council of Republic constant commission on international affairs and national safety N. Cherginets and director of Brest centre “Logos”, the PhD A. Lysuk.
The section “Document of the month” this time is represented by Declaration of Eurounion containing the visa ban in countries – members of EU (and 11 more European states) for four high-ranking Belarusian officials – to public Prosecutor V. Shejman, Minister of Internal Affairs V.Naumov, Minister of sports and tourism Yu. Sivakov and the colonel of internal army D. Pavlichenko. All of them were named in the report of H. Purgurides suspected in participation in disappearance of known opposition politicians and the journalist. On this basis and because of absence of independent investigation the EU banned the entrance on the territory of the above mentioned state to these persons. What are the reasons of visa ban? Will it help to establish the truth in the cases of people’s disappearance? Why the decision of EU has caused so painful reaction of Belarusian authorities? Vice-president of BHC G. Pogonjajlo discusses these questions (the representative of Z. Gonchar – the spouse of the vice-speaker of Supreme Soviet V. Gonchar who has disappeared). As an official opinion we represent the declaration of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, accepted in reply to EU decision.
After the announcement of a referendum the Belarusian TV begun massed informational and propaganda campaign. So Belarusian state electronic mass-media is our “Organization of the month”. Does it successfully cope with the role media plays in democratic countries during mass political campaigns? What caused so rough propaganda, what even A. Lukashenko warned Belarusian TV specialists from “excessive eagerness”? Unfortunately, we did not manage to find out what do journalists and heads of state electronic media think about it. Everyone whom we asked have refused to give any comments. So we had this time to represent only one expert – former chairman of Belgosteleradio G. Buravkin.
We hope, that offered materials are interesting and useful for you. We are waiting for your responses and offers!

IISEPS executive board

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