E-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation, N 8, 2004 (only Russian)



Theme of the month:
Sochi meeting of V. Putin and A. Lukashenko: “Russia got all it wanted” or “final burial of union project”?

Person of the month
They didn’t let Y. Sivakov to Olympiad: violation of presumption of innocence or moral assessment of Belarusian authorities inaction?

Document of the month:
Agreement of centrist coalitions: one more attempt to consolidate democratic forces?

Organization of the month:
Ministry of sport and tourism: high Olympic results or loss to farmers?


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Relations of Russia and Belarus keep attracting attention of those who is interested in politics in our country. Therefore “Theme of the month” in this issue of “Infofocus” is Sochi meeting of presidents A. Lukashenko and V. Putin. Promulgated results are trivial. what was actually a discussion on Sochi negotiations about? How can we estimate its results? Did any of the sides make some concession in economic question? Whether Russia is ready to support the third term of president A. Lukashenko? All about it read in the comments of the of Council on external and defensive policy of Russia presidium chairman S. Karaganov and politologist V. Selitsky.
In the section “Person of the month” this time we represent Minister of sports and tourism Yu. Sivakov. The reason are not his present achievements in Belarusian sport management but his former activity as a head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Why the EU being accused of too loyal attitude to present Belarusian authorities, decided to use restrictions for Sivakov and what did it achieve? Is that Sivakov’s personally or is it a perspective for other figurants of the report? How did Minister behave in this situation? These questions are answered by the member of the House of Representatives general V. Frolov and the chief of political department of the Council of Europe I. Koedzhikov.
The closer parliamentary elections are, the more attention is paid to it. It’s not a secret that no party separately can expect the success on elections. That’s why party leaders have created some election blocks and coalitions. As it follows from the comment of BSDP “PG” chairman N. Statkevich, the understanding of necessity of consolidation became the reason of signing the agreement on coordination of actions during parliamentary elections by leaders of the European coalition “Free Belarus”, coalition “Young Belarus” and parliamentary group “Republic”. This agreement is recognized as the “Document of month”. Alongside with N. Statkevich A. Korol one of the leaders of BSDG which is the member of the other pre-election coalition “5+” comments the importance of the agreement, the reasons of a split among democrats, and also the prospects of its overcoming.
In the section “Organization of the month” we’ve decided to tell about the Ministry of sports and tourism. This structure was engaged in preparation of Belarusian sportsmen for Olympiad, it had to implement the plan of the president to win 25 medals and now it is responsible for its failure. Because the president has already declared, that “sportsmen have lost to farmers”. How effective was Minstry work? How the task to win 25 medals affected its activity? How will the results of Olympiad influence the future of heads of Belarusian sports’ institution? Press-secretary of the Ministry of sports and tourism A. Artem’ev and the triple Olympic champion, the member of the House of Representatives V. Parfenovich discuss the topic.
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