E-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation, N 7, 2004 (only Russian)



Theme of the month:
Action on July, 21: “full failure” or “a certain effect”?

Person of the month
10 years of A. Lukashenko’s presidency: “uniting” or “segregating” the nation?

Document of the month:
Russian State Broadcasting Company in Belarus: struggle for quality of information or for political impact?

Organization of the month:
Central Election Commission: organizer of free and fair elections or of political control on them?

From IISEPS working table:
Belarusians in common life: with glass but with no sex
How to push Belarusians to reforms?


Dear readers!


30-th – the anniversary! – issue of “Infofocus” is offered to your attention. Despite of traditionally low political activity of Belarusians in summer, past July appeared to be full of famous events because of the 10-anniversary of A. Lukashenko presidency. This date was marked both by authorities and opposition. The meeting organized by the members of deputy group “Republic” and their adherents on July, 21 in Minsk has not gathered many people but finished with severe actions of militia and even the international scandal. The deputy of the House of Representatives S. Skrebets – one of action’s organizers – and the head of informational and analytical department of the National press Centre P. Akulov discussed this event and its possible consequences in the section “Theme of the month”.
The section “Person of the month”, naturally, is devoted to president A. Lukashenko whose governing anniversary caused various responses in our country and abroad. This event has caused very different, even ambiguous feelings of many people. Some speak about achievements – economic growth, political stability and consolidation of a society. Others – about deep social and economic and political crisis, international isolation and split of a society. However both experts discussing the issue – known Belarusian philosopher V. Akudovich and the Deputy Chairman of House of Representatives Commission on international affairs and communication with the CIS A. Krasutsky, – converge in one: the main figure of all the processes of the past decade, certainly, is president A. Lukashenko.
“Document of the month” may be closely connected to this issue – the application of Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerning the accreditation of representation of Russian State Broadcusting Company in Belarus, i.e. about its actual closing. Russian Television report about the action of opposition on July, 21, in opinion of Belarusian authorities inadequately present the real results of 10-years of A.Lukashenko’s presidency. What does this decision actually reflect – intention to increase quality of information on events in our country or to strengthen the control on information and a public opinion? Whether can we expect the further reduction of information presence and influence of Russia in Belarus? Comments of known Belarusian TV journalist L. Mindlin and the Head of CTV A. Zimovsky analyze these questions.
In the section “Organization of the month” we represent the Central Elections Commission. In July it officially declared the beginning of elections campaign to the House of Representatives, appointed on October, 17. Parliamentary elections become the main political event of the year, and the Central Elections Commission, certainly, plays an important role. But what role? Opposite opinions are expressed. Some consider, that the Central Elections Commission provides free and fair elections. Others are sure what the Central Elections Commission is the main mean of executive authority’s control on elections. Opinions of both experts – the former chairman of a Supreme Soviet of XII convocation M. Grib and the present secretary of Central Elections Commission N. Losovik – represent a special interest as each of them “know inside out” this business.
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IISEPS executive board

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