E-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation, N 5, 2004 (only Russian)



Theme of the month:
Belarus – EU: is the question still open?

Person of the month
Andrey Klimov: “political hooligan” or a real politician?

Document of the month:
Decree of the Council of Defense: “petty tyranny” or tendency?

Organization of the month:
EHU: discrimination of non state or bureaucratic delay?

From IISEPS working table:
Elite doesn’t support the government’s course
Elite and parliamentary elections
Elite stays idle. By the time…


Dear readers!


The next issue of the bulletin “Infofocus” is offered to your attention. Since May, 1 Belarus became the country bordering with European Union. In four days the head of Eurocommission R. Prody declared: “I do not see, how the Ukraine and Belarus can join Eurounion”. So our “Theme of the month” is the future relations of EU and Belarus. Whether the statements of high-ranking officials of EU mean what the road to Europe is closed for our country finally and irrevocably? How will the decisions accepted in Brussels affect policy of Belarusian authorities? What can the democratic opposition do, while its leaders already after the promulgation of the strategy were invited to Brussels where participated in a number of meetings with the heads of EU? All about it read in the comments of the leader of the European coalition “Free Belarus” A. Sannikov and the chairman of German-Belarusian society R. Lindner.
As the “Person of the month” we represent the former businessman, the former deputy of a Supreme Soviet and former i prisoner A. Klimov. Being the first who declared his intention to struggle for a presidency, he is the first to present his program. What are A. Klimov’s chances to become the second president of Belarus? Is his program balanced and can it be implemented? Whether A. Klimov will manage to coordinate his actions with leading democratic parties and public organizations? Chairman of the Council of Republic Constant Commission on the international affairs and national security N. Cherginets and BSDP (NG) leader N. Statkevich give answers to these questions in their comment.
In previous issue of the bulletin one of our experts analyzing Directive of the President N 1 “About the measures on strengthening public security and discipline”, has noticed that this document is an “attempt to stir up state institutions”. Today we can say that it can have unexpected consequences. An example – decision of Kobrin Regional Council of Defense “About measures of implementation of Directive of the President”, becoming the “Document of the month” in May. Does the creation of such an institution corresponds to Belarusian legislation? Is it the personal initiative of one official or is he just an executor of instruction of higher authorities? The situation is analyzed by the Deputy Chief of the Headquarter of Armed Forces of Belarus, the chief of the Operative Department general-major P. Tihonovsky and the deputy of the House of Representatives general-major V. Frolov.
In section “Organization of the month” this time we speak about European Humanitarian University (EHU). Why after the 12 years of work university and its rector suddenly displease authorities? What is the further destiny of EHU and the system of not state higher education? Acting as EHU rector V. Dunaev and the chairman of House of Representatives Constant Commission on education, culture, science and scientific and technical progress I. Kotlyarov discuss the issues.
In the section “From IISEPS working table” the most interesting materials of public opinion leaders’ and experts’ poll carried out by our institute in May are represented to your attention. We hope, offered materials will be interesting and useful for you!

IISEPS executive board

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