E-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation, N 1, 2004 (only Russian)



Theme of the month:
Belarus-Russia: will integration sustain a new “gas attack”?

Person of the month:
Stanislav Knyazev: “We are the State”. So who are others?

Document of the month:
Previliges to “united youth”: a lash and a spice-cake?

Organization of the month:
Opposition: presentation for consolidation or consolidation for presentation?


Dear readers!


The first issue of e-bulletin of IISEPS Centre of documentation in this year is represented to your attention. The major aspect of complex process of the Belarus-Russian integration recently was information and propaganda. Today the attention of analysts and journalists, diplomats and businessmen, politicians and simple citizens is attracted to new “gas attack”: whether long-term integration and centuries-old friendship will sustain? Whether geopolitics’ interests will still dominate economic? Whether presidents of two countries will agree or will they come from cooperation to opposition? Answers to these questions determine not just relations of two countries, but also the further development of the Belarus. So “gas scandal” has become our “Theme of the month” with comments of executive director of “Beltransgas” V. Dashkevich and the deputy of the House of Representatives K. Holopik.
Though it’s a long time left to parliamentary elections the democratic forces of Belarus start to prepare. Leaders of opposition say that mistakes of the past should be overcome. However on the one hand consolidation of some forces is planned, on the other – crushing of others. Whether “National coalition “5+” – our “Organization of the month” – be the organization of the year – i.e. the center of attraction of all forces aspiring to changes? One of its leaders, chairman of CC KPB S. Kalyakin, and one of it opponents O. Bogutsky discuss it.
We consider the letter of bishops of the largest evangelists associations directed to Ministers of Justice, and “Reference” of Slutsky town comity and RC BRUY, notifying to its members about new privileges the “Documents of month”. Someone think such an approach stimulates interest to activity of the youth organization, and other consider it is “wrongful activity restraining the rights of citizens”. Who is right? Will it have an effect on formation and progress of ideology of the Belarusian state? Comment of chairman of “Belarusian prospect” V. Trigubovich is about it.
While others search and argue what this ideology consists of and whether it is necessary for a society and the state, there are people which offer quite concrete variants of its contents and ways of its improvement. At the end of January such variant was offered on the pages of presidential newspaper by the rector of Academy of management at President of Republic of Belarus S. Knyazev. Development of state ideology anyhow will affect majority of citizens, so we represent its author as the “Person of the month”. Comments are made by political analyst of independent newspapers R. Yakovlevsky and the head of the Center of legal protection of mass media of Belarusian association of journalists M. Pastuhov.
In a section “From IISEPS working table” the most interesting materials of the national opinion poll conducted by our institute in cooperation with Gallup-Baltic Surveys of Lithuania (Vilnius) in December of past year are submitted your attention.
We hope, offered materials will be interesting and useful for you. We are waiting for your responses, remarks and offers!

IISEPS executive board

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