E-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation, N 12, 2005 (only Russian)



Theme of the year:
Election Campaign: Who Will Gain from Moving Presidential Election to March?

Document of the year:
Overview on Clarifying Regulations: Western Aid to Belarusian Supporters of Changes vs. Home-Made “Vaccination against Revolution”: Which Is More Efficient?

Organization of the year:
Union of Poles in Belarus: Is the Conflict Settled?

From IISEPS Desktop:
Different Alexander – Different Belarus
Press Release: Chief Prosecutor’s Office Sent a Letter of Notice to IISEPS Director


Dear readers!


We offer to your attention the next issue of informational bulletin “Infofocus”. Closing the year 2005, it reviews the results of a whole year and not just of one month. To a certain degree, December is reflected in its materials as in this particular month the House of Representatives determined to conduct the presidential election on March 19. Beginning of the election campaign has become the major event of the past year. The election was set for a date which is four months earlier than the term established by the Constitution. This means deputies literally cut the current president’s term by 4 months. What’s the reason? Are there any grounds to say that the presidential election will be conducted ahead of the time? How did this change the general situation for the authorities and for the opposition?
The Central Election Commission has registered initiative groups that will collect signatures for presidential candidates. It is already transparent now that comparing to the year 2001 threefold less presidential candidates will run in the election race of 2006. Why? We’ll talk about this in the columns “Topic of Year” and consequently “Person of Year” which presents A. Milinkevich elected a sole democratic candidate yet October 2 (as it has now turned out, six months before the presidential election). Associate Prof. V. Karbalevich, PhD in History, expert of Strategy analytical center, and Associate Prof. V. Suryaev, PhD in History, Analytics Department Head at the Presidential Academy of Economic Management, talk here about how determinative the presidential election will become for the Belarusian opposition and A. Milinkevich in particular.
This time the column “Document of Year” introduces to a number of documents (both foreign and Belarusian) pertaining to support of democratic forces in Belarus. During the past year, the West has many times expressed its willingness to give aid to Belarusian supporters of changes while the Belarusian authorities have given them a bunch of “vaccine against revolution.” Which of the parties was more consistent? Is it possible to talk now about efficiency of the appropriate clarifying regulations? Is Western aid to Belarusian supporters of changes a deciding factor at the Belarusian political arena? Are there any signs of a forthcoming ‘velvet revolution’ in Belarus? We offer you the opinions of V. Matskevich, political scientist and methodology expert, expert of the Agency of Liberal Technologies, and political analyst Y. Prokopov on this issue.
In the column “Organization of Year” we come back to the situation around the Union of Poles in Belarus. Foreign Ministries of Belarus and Poland appeared involved into the conflict over new board recognition within this public association. Is it right to say that the conflict has been settled? Poland stands up for A. Borys and her supporters while the Belarusian authorities recognize Y. Luchnik for the Union’s Head. Is this a split within the organization? What’s now going on within it? You will find here the viewpoints of journalist A. Pisalnik and S. Kostyan, Deputy Chair of the Parliamentary Commission for International Affairs and CIS.
Our column “IISEPS Desktop” offers to your attention materials reflecting the most interesting results of the nation opinion poll conducted by independent sociologists at the assistance of Prof. Manaev’s group in November-December of 2005.
We hope that you will find these materials helpful and interesting. Looking forward to your feedbacks!

IISEPS executive board

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