E-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation, N 7, 2006 (only Russian)



Theme of the month:
Permit for Businessmen into Forestry – Is This a Mere Statement or Tendency?

Person of the month:
Alexander Kozulin – Political Prisoner or Persistent Ruffian?

Document of the month:
Statement of Plans on Cooperation for Assessment of Beltransgaz’ Assets – Step to Marketing or Attempt to Pull Time?

Organization of the month:
Communist Party of Belarus – Driving Force or Performer of the Reunification Initiative?

From IISEPS Desktop:
Our Reply to Gazprom
Economic Viewpoints of Population Are Getting Rose-Colored


Dear readers!


The July informational bulletin Infofocus opens with the analytics of statements made by President A. Lukashenko in a forestry of the Ivatsevich area, the Brest region. It seemed a regular work visit showing usual criticism of mismanagement. However, the conclusions which the head of state made were pretty surprising: “It is time to let businessmen into forestry. As of now, there is chaos in forests. We should try all opportunities at this stage.” How did it happen that a widely promoted Belarusian economic model has got a breach like the imperfect economic management? “Or, to be more exact, mismanagement” (A. Lukashenko)? Will the officialdom be able to straighten out the mess till January 1, and what stands behind the statement on attraction of private business? We offer you the opinion of our expert L. Zlotnikov, PhD in Economics.
We didn’t hesitate nominating the “Person of Month” in July. The presidential election was held in March while its consequences for those who dared to stand up openly against the current political regime in Belarus are coming up only now. The penalty given by the court of Moscow district to the former presidential candidate Prof. A. Kozulin is unprecedented for the modern history of Belarus: five and a half years of ordinary confinement. What is the true reason of A. Kozulin’s conviction? Is the sentence appropriate to the actions of the convict and should it be considered as a message to the citizens who are in opposition to the current authorities? We asked these questions to our expert O. Gulak, Executive Director of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee.
In the “Document of Month” column we consider the Statement of plans on cooperation for assessment of Beltransgaz’ assets signed in Minsk by representatives of Beltransgaz and Russia’s Gasprom. The result of the document signing will be announced in fall. This is the fall of 2006. Such a specification is not occasional since the terms of final decision on the Belarusian pipeline were many times put off during the past four years. Our expert Y. Romanchuk, President of Mises center at the Analytical Center Strategy, will share his opinion on this topical issue. What is the reason for such a hasty result over the long period of time? How true is recognition of Beltransgaz assessment with both Belarusian and Russian sides? In case they make a joint-stock venture with Gazprom, will Belarus receive gas at the low Russian price like it was stipulated in the agreement of 2002?
The “Organization of Month” is again given to reunification meeting of the two communist parties of Belarus. The Party of Communists Belarusian drew our attention in June. In July, their colleagues from the Communist Party of Belarus took the initiative. Political scientist V. Rovdo will share his opinion on the many questions rising in regards to these rapidly developing events. What is the real purpose of this process – reunification proper or elimination of the Party of Communists Belarusian? Who is now the author of initiative on reunification? Did it really come from masses? Will the united Communist Party be able to take up the functions of the party of power?
This time we offer you two articles in the “From IISEPS Desktop” column – “Our Reply to Gazprom” and “Economic Viewpoints of the Population Are Getting Rose-Colored” – prepared based on the results of public opinion poll conducted at the end of June.

IISEPS executive board

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