E-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation, N 6, 2006 (only Russian)



Theme of the month:
Curtailment of Export of Potash Fertilizers: Eventuality or Blunder?

Person of the month:
Valery Tsepkalo: High-Tech Park – Breakthrough or Marking Time?

Document of the month:
Program of Socio-Economic Development: Grounded Plan or Political Manifest?

Organization of the month:
Merging of the Party of Communists Belarusian: Party Initiative or Action of Authorities?

From IISEPS Desktop:
Social Justice in Belarus
Following Gas Conflict
One more Notice from Prosecutor’s Office


Dear readers!


We offer to your attention the next issue of Infofocus bulletin. In the previous issue, our “Topic of Month” column introduced the reader to the problems following possible growth of gas prices in 2007 initiated by Russia’s gas monopoly Gazprom. Topicality of this issue didn’t go down in June. It has been even expanded with one more issue, purely economic at first sight: export of potash fertilizers decreased by one third over five months of 2006. Many analysts predicted this drop-down a while ago. What stands behind all this: unpredictable fluctuations of international market or blunder of the Belarusian top managers? What is the ‘contribution’ of the government and the president in respect to this unfavorable situation? Can the problem be settled in the near future? Our experts V. Dashkevich, PhD in Economics, and D. Kruk, journalist for the newspaper Sovetskaya Belorussia, answer these questions.
The top line in the rating of “Person of Month” is taken by V. Tsepkalo, Director of the High Technology Park. This is not by chance. Belarus managed to preserve most of its industrial giants built yet in the Soviet time but it failed to create the conditions for the development of new industries complying with the technologies of the XXI century. Many persuasive talks have been held on this issue at the very top level, yet things were right where they started. Now, is this a breakthrough? Why did the preparation period take so long? In what way will the tough state control influence the ability of High-Tech Park residents to make good business? Will young scientists have real opportunities to implement their abilities? What are the chances for attracting foreign scientists and companies into the Belarusian High-Tech Park? You may find here the opinion of academician A. Voitovich, ex-president of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences.
In the “Document of Month” column, the program of country’s socio-economic development for the next five years approved by President A. Lukashenko is beyond any competition. Belarus is the only country at the post-Soviet territory the economics of which still exists within the framework of five-year planning. This is why we will pay close attention to the program passed. In general, is long-term planning possible under the current conditions? Why do the numerous attempts to take down the tax burden on economy all fail? For how long will the growth of people’s real incomes and retail turnover surpass GDP growth rates? We offer to you the opinions of our experts V. Khrol, Deputy of the House of Representatives, and A. Alesin, economic reviewer for the newspaper “Belorusy and Rynok” on this issue.
This time our “Organization of Month” has been given to the Party of Communists Belarusian which has faced the danger of merging. Less than a month after A. Lukashenko’s annual speech, his aired suggestion for having a presidential party has been taken into account. As if out of nowhere, a ‘group of comrades’ appeared with one more public initiative – unification of the two communist parties. Our experts V. Uhnalev, Secretary of the Party of Communists Belarusian, and G. Atomanov, Secretary of the Communist Party of Belarus will share their opinions on the necessity of the ‘party of power’ in Belarus under the current conditions, on the outcome of merging of the two communist parties as well as on whether this unification will bring up to a deeper split within the Belarusian society.
Our column “IISEPS Desktop” offers to your attention materials reflecting the most interesting results of the nation opinion poll conducted in June as well as the official Notice of the General Prosecutor’s Office to Prof. O. Manaev for carrying out sociological surveys.
We hope that you will find these materials helpful and interesting. Look forward to your feedback!

IISEPS executive board

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