E-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation, N 8, 2007 – ISSN 1822-5578 (only Russian)


1. Basic trends of August
2. Chronicle of key events
3. Economics

3.1. The last signature
3.2. What is it for you in my rate?
3.3. Globalization and Belarusian cows
3.4. The bulk of plans
4. Finances
4.1. In expectation of new statistics
4.2. A purely engineering solution
4.3. A struggle for credit-2
5. Politics
5.1. An edible dish
5.2. “It is forbidden to walk and to laugh here”
6. Society
7. Good news
8. Our forecast for September


Dear readers!


Talking about Belarusian-Russian relations in the last months we have constantly drawn attention to A. Lukashenko’s striving for a meeting with V. Putin, president of Russia, underscoring at the same time the impossibility of such a meeting in view of the absence of any agenda. Let us consider that we were finally heard in the Administration, and head of state was recommended there to make in August the following declaration: “Had we decided to meet with Vladimir Vladimirovich, Belarusian mass media, too, would have calmly announced it, as usual. There are no questions at the moment which we could discuss with Putin at presidential level”.
Let us remember in particular our conclusion drawn at the end of July: “Belarus set out to repay its debt already on the third day after receiving an official notification. This fact in our opinion is the crucial one for understanding the situation. A. Lukashenko has no more resources to continue the game he has been playing virtually since the first day of his presidency, though president himself does not fully realize the fact so far. His brusque utterances directed against Russia are the consequences of it. He is destroying the last possibilities for a constructive dialogue in the presence of his closed circle”.
In August by the date fixed by “Gazprom” Belarus not only paid off the debt for gas formed in the first half year, but also effected payment for July as it was stipulated in the contract by August, 23. The latter payment was not accompanied by any emotional comments either from the part of the president, or from the part of the top officials. Everything is correct: payments between subjects of economic activity are not the topic to be discussed on “the top level”. Today on the top level in Belarus they are busy with financial provision of such payments.
As we supposed, no new personnel appointments occurred in August. Prime-minister S. Sidorskiy kept his office. Moreover, he was publicly guaranteed maintenance of his post. Today “the front line” in the struggle for retention of stability in Belarus lies in the sphere of finances. That is why we have to repeat once again: “The time of naumovs has not yet come”. The time to realize the necessity of setting out structural reforms has not come to 38, K. Marx St. either.
In August the political constituent of the Belarusian every day life repeatedly confirmed the latter conclusion. It is enough to remember A. Lukashenko’s comment on the incident at the Belarusian-Polish border, when three Polish politicians were not let in the country: “They were given a slap in the face, and that was a right thing to do”. Foreign policy in Belarus, as it is evident from numerous official statements, is built on the multiple vector basis. In the given quotation the western component part of the vectorial posy was most likely shown in the concentrated form.

IISEPS executive board

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