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1. Basic trends of November
2. Chronicle of key events
3. Politics

3.1. Who is responsible for negative information?
3.2. . What the doctor has prescribed
4. Economics
4.1. Early vs. late
4.2. A lesson of the electoral maneuvering of resources
4.3. New additions to the ratings collection
5. Finances
5.1. An article with an unlucky number
5.2. Increase in penalties
6. Good news
7. Our forecast for December


Dear readers!


Just as we had supposed, no serious cadre shifts took place in November. Prime Minister S. Sidorsky kept his post. Against the background of numerous foreign-policy events at the western, as well as at the eastern “fronts”, cadre questions withdrew into the shadow. On the other hand, the work on the next year’s mobilization plan of socio-economic development advanced actively. According to the statement made by deputy Minister of Economic Affairs A. Tur, the gross domestic product, the main property of Belarus, is to grow by 11-13%! A growth of the real value of the population’s cash income, similar to the one of the GDP, is also planned – 14-15%.
Thus, the special-forces raid “Presidential elections-2011” begins to take quite concrete and, most important, habitual shape. At that the special-forces raid developers decided to ignore the world crisis judging by the first published estimated figures.
November should undoubtedly be rated as the European assets of the authorities. Two imposing forums were held in Minsk in the course of which Belarusian officials assured foreign guests of their adherence to the western values (head of the Presidential Administration A. Makey took the lead in such statements). On November, 17 the European Council suspended visa sanctions imposed on some Belarusian officials. The decision was to be expected. The process of relations improvement between Belarus and Europe is only gaining momentum and therefore none of the sides is ready to part with the overstated expectations. November was completed by an official visit of Italian Prime Minister S. Berlusconi to Minsk. Of course he is neither N. Sarkozy, nor A. Merkel, but it is nice anyway – after all, he is head of the government of a G-7 country.
However, our forecast concerning improvement of relations with Russia came true only partly. On the one hand, a set of documents on creation of the Customs Union was signed in Minsk on November, 27 by presidents of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia. It went without excesses. On the other hand, the signing was preceded by a number of statements made by president A. Lukashenko in his traditional manner.

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