IISEPS News, N 4 (6), 1997



Prof. O. Manaev, IISEPS
Information for Public Service

Dr. I. Pelipas, IISEPS
IISEPS Regional Seminars

Dr. I. Маrzalyouk, IISEPS
Historic Aspects of the Formation of Belarusians’ Anti-Market Consciousness

Prof. О. Маnaev, IISEPS
Free Press in the Lack of Freedom (Sociological Portrait of Independent Media in Belarus)

N. Alexandrov, Chief “Brestski Kurier”
Idols and Demons of Uneducated Mind

Dr. А. Lysuyk, SGR
Regional Media and the Problem of Mental Transformation in Post-Soviet Belarus: Political and Social-Psychological Aspects

Dr. K. Skuratovich, IISEPS
On the Wreckage of a Great Myth: the Values of the Soviet Way of Life in Belarusian Mass Media

Dr. N. Efimova, IISEPS
Asking for the Floor to Recur Again

Dr. М. Zalessky, IISEPS
Shadow of the Future

Dr. I. Pelipas, IISEPS
Business and Public Do not See Eye to Eye

New IISEPS Service (Information)


Dear readers!


You are holding the next issue of the quarterly information and analytical bulletin of Independent Institute or Socio-Economic and Political Studies (IISEPS) for 1997. It presents the materials prepared within the project “Overcoming anti-market stereotypes in the post-communist Belarus” realized in cooperation with the Eurasia Foundation; the excerpts from the reports made during regional IISEPS seminars organized with the support of the United States Information Service (USIS) in Belarus; the information on a new project on the development of information infrastructure of the market economy in Belarus which started in December 1997 with the support of the Center for International Private Enterprise.
Our bulletin has been published for a year and a half, and we sincerely hope that it provides you with interesting materials and useful information. We are striving to improve its quality, therefore we encourage you to submit any comments or recommendations you may have, and assure you they will all be given proper consideration.