IISEPS News, N 3 (5), 1997 (only Russian)



Dr. I. Pelipas, IISEPS
Mass Consciousness: Set of Stereotypes or Evolution?

Prof. О. Manaev, IISEPS
On a Thin Ice (Sociological Portrait of Lukashenko’s Electorate)

Dr. М. Zalessky, IISEPS
A Hammer by a Sickle

Dr. L. Zlotnikov, IISEPS
Centaurs of Mass Consciousness (Can Belarus Transform to a Democratic Society with Prospering Economic?)

Dr. N. Efimova, IISEPS
Economic Information in Mass Media and People’s Economic Consciousness: Two Sites of One Coin

I. Pelipas, IISEPS
Non State Economic Activity – the Schooling of Antimarket Stereotypes Overcoming

Dr. G. Drakokhrust, IISEPS
Interview in an Archive Center


Dear readers!


As we have already informed you in the previous issue of the informational and analytical bulletin, IISEPS works out the project “Overcoming of antimarket stereotypes in postcommunistic Belarus” supported by Eurasia Foundation. Nationwide public opinion poll aiming to clarify economic and political orientations of the Belarusian population, attitudes to present economic situation, understanding of the principles of market economy functioning and availability to participate in the processes of market institutes formation, most typical antimarket stereotypes, its nature, mechanisms of their emerging and reproduction, understanding of the links of carried out economic policy and dynamic of life level was conducted within the realms of the project .
The next issue of “IISEPS News” is dedicated to most interesting and important results of this research. We sincerely hope that the information represented in the issue of the bulletin occurrs to be useful in your work. More detailed information by the examined questions, as well as the other issues of the conducted research you can receive in IISEPS.