IISEPS News, N 2 (4) 1997 (only Russian)



Prof. O. Manaev, IISEPS
IISEPS Leadership School: Preliminary Results

Declaration of Belarusian Association of Think Tanks(BTT)
Coordinative Council of Belarusian Association of Think Tanks (BTT)

Dr. N. Efimova, IISEPS
Communication of Public Leaders

S. Goldade
NGOs As a Mean of Expression and Consolidation of National and Regional Public Interests

Prof. Yu. Khadyka, Belarusian Popular Front
Problems of Organization and Implementation of Public Campaign in Belarus

Prof. V. Snapkovsky, Belarusian State University
Masses and Leader: Tendencies of Collective Consciousness Development and Formation of New Leaders in Belarus

V. Shlyndikov, United Civil Party
Whether Leaders of Belarusian Economy Can Become the Public Leaders?

Dr. Yu. Zagoumennov, Center SKAF
Leadership Development in an Education

Dr. А. Lysiuk, Center SRG
Style of the Political Leadership in Belarus

Public Leaders about the Problem of Political Leadership in Postcommunistic Belarus:

Dr.Yu. Drakokhrust, IISEPS
Opinions of the Opinion Makers

Dr. L. Zlotnikov, IISEPS
The Interest of the Directors and the Government Differ

Dr. G. Drakokhrust, IISEPS
The Problems of Political Leadership and Integration of Belarus and Russia: 1995-1997

Dr. I. Pelipas, IISEPS
IISEPS New Project


Dear readers!


The next issue of IISEPS’ quarterly informational and analytical bulletin is mainly dedicated to the results of the project “Formation of the public Leaders in postcommunistic Belarus” done by the institute in 1996-1997. As usually we represent the results of various researches as well as the materials of the seminars prepared by known analysts and public activists.
Recently IISEPS has started new interesting project “Overcoming the antimarket stereotypes in postcommunistic Belarus”, about its results we will inform the public in all the details by the articles in mass media and in the bulletin “IISES News”. We’ll be grateful the the readers expressing their opinions and wishes, and we’ll try to take them into consideration in our future work.