Dynamics of salary and pension in Belarus:

Recent media publications with reference to IISEPS

Split in Belarusian Society is a Reality of Millions of People’s Life

Олег Манаев
5 августа 2022

“Swamp” continues to be numerically the maximum

Sergey Nikolyuk
February 17, 2022

What do Belarusians think of migrants? What social surveys tell

Yuri Drakokhrust
November 12, 2021

“Our banner isn’t down, people hold it aloft”. Belsat. Straight talk. What is the real rating of Lukashenko after the revolution?

Oleg Manaev
April 14

10 year anniversary of Plošča 2010. Belarusians grew up, Lukashenko’s batons don’t work anymore

Alexander Klaskovsky
December 19