Legislation Development
Bourina I.
“Legislative background of state youth policy in the Republic of Belarus”, 1999
The report represents the analysis of belarusian legislation being legal background of formation and activity of youth organisations, observes the base of state youth policy implrmented by belarusian authorities.
Bourina I.
“Features of justice consciousness of belarusian youth”, 1999
Galkevich A.
“Legal regulation of the activity of actors of politics and economics in Belarus”, 1995
Degutis A.
“Economic crimes”: mechanism of suppression of the free market in post-communist society”, 1995
Dobrovolsky A.
“Problems of effectiveness of legal regulation of economic relation”, 1996
The report is based on the active Belarusian legislation’ analysis. Problems of legal regulation influence on economic results of economic subjects activity and economy in a whole,on increase or decrease of GDP level are discussed.
Dobrovolsky A.
“Formation of structures of non-state economic in the Republic of Belarus (legal aspect)”, 1995
Kopin V.
“Legislative regulation of enterpreneur activity in Belarus (July 1994 – September 1999.)”, 1999
Levshunov S.
“Creation and destruction of the legal field in post-communist Belarus”, 1996
Prof. Manaev O.
“Public opinion about lawful state in Belarus”, 2000
Using the materials of sociological polls authour studies peoples attitude to the problems of of forming of lawful state in Belarus, observes sociological portrait of supporters and opponents of legal regulation existing in the country.
Osipova G.
“Legal strategy of private enterprise development in the Republic of Belarus”, 1996
Prof. Pastuhov M.
“Legal aspects of public leaders formation in Belarus: general concept”, 1996
Podolski Yu.
“Some reasons for the criminalization of private enterprise in the Republic of Belarus”, 2000
Khvaley V.
“Legal regulation of foreign investments on the territory of Belarus” 1993
The paper is prepared on base of analysis of the legislation currently in force in the country, comparison of investment regime for national and foreign investors.
Khvaley V.
“Legal regulation of foreign trade transactions on the territory of Belarus” 1993 (English)
The paper is prepared on base of the legislation currently in force in the Republic regulating the order of foreign trade, the legal regime of export and import, the custom regulation. The legal rules of national and international law regulating the international bargain an scale of goods will be compared.
Tsehanovich P.
“Questions of development of tax legislation of the Republic of Belarus”, 1995