1. Title of the study: Democratization of Mass Communication and Economy in Belarus”
2. Topics of thematic coverage: changes in political, economic and information spheres, and in everyday life
3. The aim: to reveal most important facilitators and obstacles in democratization of mass communication and economy in Belarus
4. Descriptors: economy, living conditions, economic crisis, businessmen, private property, state property, “shadow economy”, privatization, media landscape, media audience, media impact
5. Political block: а) restoration of the USSR and role of Communist party, Russian-Belarussian unification b) necessity of general elections in 1994 c) attitudes towards different political parties
6. Comparability: most important questions were replicated
7. Geographical area: Belarus-national
8. Principal investigator: IISEPS
9. Polling organization: IISEPS, P.O.B. 219, Minsk, 220030, Belarus, e-mail: iiseps@iiseps.org
10. Fieldwork dates: 1993, December
11. Population sampled: 18+ years old residents of Belarus who are not currently in hospital, jail, military service
12. Sampling: clustered random
13. Sample size: 1148 respondents
14. Mode of interviews: face-to-face interview
15. Interviewers: part-time and university students
16. Control: selective control of interviewers
17. Related publications: 12 publications in mass media
18. Availability of the original data sets: contact with IISEPS
19. Source of information: IISEPS