As we could see from Table 1, a considerable part of our fellow citizens (almost 40%) would like moving to another country. And western, or west-oriented countries dominate the list of preferences. As for oriental countries, only Russia is mentioned. In a year its attractiveness for emigration has crept up from 3.6% to 4.3%. Hence, a significant part of Belarusians considers western values attractive, and they are even ready to leave the Fatherland.
Table 1. Distribution of answers to the question “Would you like moving to another country?”

How deep have these values penetrated into Belarusian socium, to what extent have they influenced traditional public consciousness? As Table 2 shows, contrary to regulations and actions by Belarus’ authorities, almost half of the population (48.5%) believes that regardless of its “distinctive nature” Belarus shall uphold international standards and do not impede the activities of the OSCE.

Table 2. Distribution of answers to the question “There is a new crisis in the relations between Belarus and international organizations. International organizations believe that the OSCE AMG shall continue working in Belarus, whereas the Belarus authorities say “we shall not bow before the OSCE”, and in fact froze the activity of this organization in our country. What, do you think, is the best way to overcome the crisis?”

Variant of answer
Belarus must uphold international standards, shall not impede the OSCE activities in our country
Belarus lives by its own rules, and the OSCE and other international organizations must observe them
Traditionally negative attitude towards the West as a whole and NATO in particular has changed considerably. Today 41.2% (against 31.3%) believe that NATO’s eastward expansion is of no threat to Belarus (See Table 3). Previously the ratio was diametrically opposite. Although only 27.0% advocate Belarus’ accession to NATO (42.3% against it), the tendency of diminishing anti-NATO moods is evident.

Table 3. Dynamics of distribution of answers to the question “Does NATO’s expansion pose threat to Belarus?”, %

Almost 60% of the respondent support Russia’s active policy aimed at rapprochement with the West and recommend Belarus to follow the same path. Only 14.1% speak out against it. And finally, if a referendum on joining the European Union were to take place tomorrow, 53.4% of the population are ready to vote in favor of accession (See Table 4). It is worth mentioning that there has been campaigning in this respect in the country, and the official position is clearly opposite.

Table 4. Distribution of answers to the question “If tomorrow there were a referendum on Belarus’ accession to the European Union, how would you vote?”

That is a further proof of the fact that western values, western way of thinking and living become more acceptable for Belarusians. Of course, the situation shall not be simplified. Many like the western level of incomes and consumption, but they do not accept the western labor moral and interpersonal relations. Nonetheless, one could state there are positive shifts in public consciousness, which take place regardless of the aggressive anti-western propaganda.