IISEPS News, N 1, 1996 (only Russian)



Prof. О. Manaev, Dr. I. Pelipas, Dr. Yu. Drakokhrust, IISEPS
IISEPS – the Think Tank

Interview of Prof. О. Manaev “Zvyazda” Daily
Only some can be occupied with politics but everybody should participate in “civic construction”

IISEPS seminars in Vitebsk oblast (information)

The basic results of the national poll,
conducted by IISEPS in the framework of the project “Formation of public leaders in post communistic Belarus”, supported by the Center for International Private Entrepreneurship (CIPE):
Belarussian government in the mirror of public opinion
Social conflicts in Belarus: according to rumors and in reality
Public opinion of a sovereignty and integration: “conshiousness dreaming” or searching the third way?
Economic preferences of supporters and opponents of Belarus sovereignty
Public opinion of life level: stabilization or stagnation?
Executive “vertical” in the mirror of public opinion
Reputation of the groups leading in belarussian society
Private property for the land: attitude of belarussian population
Do not argue with women, communists and LDP
Tell who’s your idol…

IISEPS Center for Documentation “Structures of civic society of Belarus”


Dear readers!

Our institute starts to publish quarterly informational and analytical bulletin “IISEPS News”, it wil be send to the principals of state bodies, leaders of political parties, NGO’s, private business and mass media, leading figures of science and culture in Belarus. The bulletin will operatively represent the results of various researches, conferences and IISEPS seminars, as well as qualified analysis of socio-economic and political issues of belorussian society.
We would be grateful for any propositions, questions or critical comments. We’ll bare them in mined while preparing next issues of the bulletin and in institute activity.