IISEPS News, N 1 (3), 1997 (only Russian)



Prof. О. Manaev, IISEPS
IISEPS 5 Years Anniversary: Experience of the Independent Science

Dr. I. Pelipas, IISEPS
IISEPS Regional Seminars

Prof. M. Pastukhov
Legal Aspects of Public Leaders Formation in Belarus

Dr. S. Levshunov, NCSR “East-West”
Formation and Development of Legislation in Postcommunistic Belarus

Dr. G. Osipova, State University of Grodno
Entrepreneurs’ Activity in Belarus: Myths of Legislation and Risks

V. Borovtsov, Foundation for Legislation Iniciatives
Lobbying As an Effective Mean to Change a Legislation

Prof. A. Potupa, Union of Entrepreneurs, Vice President
NGOs in Post Communistic Belarus: Some Political and Legal Aspects

А. Feduta
Youth Organization As a Mean of Education of Future Leaders

Dr. М. Zalessky, IISEPS
Problem of Communication in NGOs

Prof. G. Karpenko, United Civil Party
Formation of Public Leaders in Belarus on Regional Level: Molodechno Case

E. Ugrinovich, IISEPS
From Supreme Soviet to National Assembly: Analysis of Deputies’ Activity

Dr. N. Efimova, IISEPS
Formation of Political Leaders in Belarus and Dynamycs of Their Popularity (Content-Analysis’ Results)

А. Garusov, IISEPS
Belarusian Elite After the Referendum

Dr. G. Drakokhrust, IISEPS
Belarusian Business in a Mirror of Public Life


Dear readers!


Here is the next issue of quarterly informational and analytical bulletin of IISEPS. Many events occurred in the institute in the past three months: two seminars took place in regions, new analytical materials were prepared, IISEPS celebrated its anniversary. About these events you will learn from the bulletin “IISEPS News”.
Summarizing the results of 5 years work and taking into consideration comments and wishes of those cooperating with us, who received and used the materials of the institute, participated in our seminars, one more time we have become convinced that IISEPS’ activity was not vain. We will keep trying to promote public dialog on the most actual problems of socio-economic and political development of Belarus.