IISEPS News, N 2 (8), 1998



Prof. O. Manaev, IISEPS
Batt’s First Birthday

IISEPS Regional Seminar in Grodno:
Dr. L. Zaiko, NCSS “East-West”
Belarus and Other CIS Countries: Comparative Analysis of Macroeconomic Processes
Dr. A. Feduta
On Some Typical Errors of Market Reformers
Dr. L. Zlotnikov, IISEPS
Social Results of Various Types of Monetary Policy
Dr. V. Dashkevich
Belarusian Monetary Policy: Against the Stream
Dr. M. Zalessky, IISEPS
Tell Me, Wise Man…
Dr. N. Еfimova, IISEPS
Models of Economic Reality in Programs of Belarusian State Run and Non-State TV (a Comparative Analysis)
Dr. N. Еfimova, IISEPS
Non-State TV in Belarus: the Current Situation and Prospects of Development (Based on an Opinion Poll Among Employees of Non-State TV)
Dr. G. Drakokhrust, IISEPS
Belarus in Europe?


Dear readers!


We are glad to introduce the latest issue of IISEPS informational and analytical bulletin. It contains information on the main IISEPS activities in the second quarter of 1998 within the framework of the projects “The overcoming of anti-market stereotypes in post-communist Belarus” carried out with support from the Eurasia Foundation and the United States Information Service (USIS) in Belarus and “Building an information infrastructure of market economy in Belarus” realized with support from the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE). We sincerely hope that you will find the bulletin helpful for you work.
In June 1998, the Belarusian Association of Think Tank (BATT) one of whose founders was IISEPS, celebrated its first birthday. We congratulate our colleagues, BATT member organizations on this occasion and wish them success in the field of promoting principles and values of market economy, democracy and civil society.