IISEPS News, N 1 (7), 1998



Dr. I. Pelipas, IISEPS
Our Principles Are Objectiveness, Openness and Dialogue

IISEPS Regional Seminar in Vitebsk:
Dr. L. Zaiko, NCSS “East-West”
Belarus’ Economic Strategy: Alternative Approaches
Prof. G. Karpenko, United Civil Party
The Growth Which Leads to a Collapse
Dr. V. Dashkevich
Anti-Market Stereotypes and National Economic Interests
Dr. L. Zlotnikov, IISEPS
The Choice is Yet to Be Made
Dr. A. Sasnow, IISEPS
The Labor Statistics as “the Mirror” of the Overcoming of Anti-Market Stereotypes
Prof. О. Маnaev, IISEPS
The Belarusian Electorate: For and Against the President
Dr. N. Еfimova, IISEPS
Choosing Between Conflicting Values
Dr. Yu. Drakokhrust, IISEPS
Belarusian Nationalism Speaks Russian
Dr. I. Pelipas, IISEPS
Market Consciousness and Non-State Economic Activities


Dear readers!


We are glad to present the first 1998 issue of IISEPS informational and analytical bulletin. It reflects the main results of IISEPS’ work in the first quarter of this year on the projects “The overcoming of anti-market stereotypes in post-communist Belarus” carried out with support from the Eurasia Foundation and the United States Information Service (USIS) in Belarus and “Building an information infrastructure of the market economy in Belarus” realized with support from the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE). The bulletin contains fragments of reports made at IISEPS regional seminar in Vitebsk, analytical materials based on IISEPS opinion polls and content analysis of the press as well as materials presented at the Minsk seminar on developing economic programs of the non-state television.
As usually, we have tried to obtain unbiased information on social and economic processes in Belarus by inviting experts holding different views to express their opinions. We sincerely hope that the information contained in this bulletin will be useful to your work.