On June 1, 2010 the leadership of the Belarusian State University where I have worked (including student years) for 40 years, through the Dean of the School of Philosophy and Social Sciences, where I have worked as a Professor last 18 years, demanded me to write a self-resignation statement “by mutual agreement” without any explanations. I refused to do this because never violated either labor law or academic discipline, and have no reprimands. Besides, I have just one and a half year before my retirement. Next day I got another demand “to resolve this problem within ten days”. As soon as my colleagues abroad got to know about this situation they initiated collecting signatures for the protest which was sent to the leadership of the BSU and the Presidential administration.

At last on June 18 I had a personal conversation with Rector Academician S. Ablameyko and Vice-Rector Prof. V. Klyunya. They said they “have nothing against my teaching or research works”. The problem is of the other kind. “As an employee of the State University I must not take any actions going out the frames of the state politics”. As an example of such actions they noted my contacts with different structures and leaders of the opposition, which “conduct anti-state politics”. I tried to explain that as a professional sociologist studying Belarusian society I meet and discuss various problems with various people who represent both authorities and opposition. If someone is interested in my opinion I express it regardless of political views of persons whom I talk to. This is the very essence of my profession – in Belarus or any other country. Thus, during my work at the Independent Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies (IISEPS) I published some books, dozens of research and media publications on the most important problems of Belarusian society, including critical analysis of both authorities and opposition actions. There are numerous examples of their use by different political forces. One of the last examples was mentioning of the IISEPS data in the April President’s Address to the Belarusian people and the National Assembly.

However, these arguments did not convince the BSU leadership. They said “the issue of my resignation is not in the agenda at the moment” but I “have to follow the above frames”. In fact, it means my further work at the University will depend on my political loyalty, and not so much at but out of the University. I appreciate my alma mater very much, and do my best for new generations of students have the same sentiments. But for sure I will never follow any ideological or political “frames”, even for remaining my job, because it contradicts to my professional and civil duties.

I would also like to express my great appreciation to all foreign colleagues for their understanding and support to my activities. There are no doubts exactly their united voice at least delayed, if not terminated, a process of my resignation “by mutual agreement”.

Minsk, June 20, 2010