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THE MOST IMPORTANT RESULTS OF THE PUBLIC OPINION POLL IN JUNE 2015 (were interviewed 1.513 persons aged 18 and over, margin of error doesn’t exceed 0.03) 1. As a whole financial well-being of Belarusians remains unstable, although a certain stabilization is observed: ·  Thus, the number of those, whose financial standing worsened, decreased from 46.3% in March …

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E-bulletin of IISEPS Center for Documentation, N 6, 2015 – ISSN 1822-5578 (only Russian) Content: Introduction 1. Basic trends of June 2. Chronicle of key events 3. Politics 3.1. Not any election can overthrow authoritarian regime 3.2. Negative trend won’t disappear by itself 4. Economics 4.1. Chinese “bubble” and Greek default 4.2. Crisis has reached …

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National Poll 06’15

National Poll 06’15 1. Title of the study: “Monitoring of a public opinion in Belarus” 2. Topics of thematic coverage: political, social and economic factors of development of Belarusian society, integration with Europe and Russia 3. The aim: to study the most important facilitators and obstacles of development of Belarusian society, to support belarusian democratic …

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RESULTS OF THE NATION OPINION POLL conducted on June 2-12, 2015

RESULTS OF THE NATION OPINION POLL conducted on June 2-12, 2015 (1.513 persons interviewed, margin of error does not exceed 0.03) 1. Do you fear another devaluation of Belarusian ruble in the next few months? Variant of answer % This is a real threat 34.1 This is possible, but unlikely 46.5 This won’t happen 12.1 …

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“Labor market and labor relations for women and young people in Belarus”. Analytical report.

In a brochure published by the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions, is presented the results of IISEPS comprehensive study. DOWNLOAD

“The Future of Belarus. Sight independent experts”. Ed. by Prof. Oleg Manaev.

The book represents views of leading domestic and foreign independent experts on the future of Belarus, views, which are based on an analysis of the key problems of its modern development: the formation of national identity

Control of the data quality

Control of the data quality is carried out in each research in the following way: by control of the interview blank fill quality, execution of instructions, control of route sheets and closing statements by regional supervisors and the network manager; by spot check (up to 10%) of the conducted interviews over the phone or by …

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Procedure of polls

A poll is conducted with the face-to-face method of interview at respondents home


sampling includes on average about 50 settlements. Statistical error in the given polls does not exceed 3%.

IISEPS interviewers’ network

includes over 100 skilled interviewers and regional supervisors, who have been specially trained, have long experience of doing different types of research and are given instructions before each poll.