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“Labor market and labor relations for women and young people in Belarus”. Analytical report.

In a brochure published by the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions, is presented the results of IISEPS comprehensive study. DOWNLOAD

“The Future of Belarus. Sight independent experts”. Ed. by Prof. Oleg Manaev.

The book represents views of leading domestic and foreign independent experts on the future of Belarus, views, which are based on an analysis of the key problems of its modern development: the formation of national identity

“Youth and Civil Society in Belarus: New Generation”. Ed. by Prof. Oleg Manaev.

This book continues experience a previous book “Youth and Civil Society: Belarusian Variant” published by IISEPS in 1999, and analyzes youth developments DOWNLOAD

Oleg Manaev. “Emerging of Civil Society in Independent Belarus. Sociological Experiences: 2006-2010”. Vol. III.

A new book by Prof. Oleg Manaev continues tradition of previous books (“Sociological Experiences” of 1991-2000 and 2001-2005″), and summaries. DOWNLOAD

“Belarus and “Wide Europe”: in searches of geopolitic self-determination”. Edited by Prof. Oleg Manaev.

Analysis of geopolitical self-determination which Belarus currently undergoes is the main target of this book. In the first section authors make an attempt to answer the question “Where are we going?” and examine geopolitical alternatives for this country. DOWNLOAD

“Presidential election in Belarus: from limited democracy to unlimited authoritarianism (1994-2006)”. Edited by Prof. Oleg Manaev.

Analysis of presidential elections in this country as well as various documents showing the most important facts and conclusions presented in this book cover the years 1994-2006 and let the reader trace transformation of not only elections but the society and the state in general. DOWNLOAD